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Research & Development and GMP Services

According to our experience in molecular analytics MicroMol offers a customized interface between specialised microbiology, immune analytics and cell biology for the implementation and performance of complex research and development projects.

We create concepts and ideas, establish study and work plans, discuss and optimize projects on a customized level. We are always open for partnering in reserach funds. In this context we succesfully concluded a series of funded research projects, among them:

  • Functional evaluation of autoepitopes of the human TSH-receptor as a basic approach for novel therapeutic strategies in the course of autoimmune disease of the thyroid (FKZ 0313179B)
  • Implementation of highly specific protein based methods and test systems for the determination / differentiation of hidden allergens in food (AllegoScan and AllergoDiff: FKF 720.830-4-04 and 0315652A
  • Implementation of a test system for the in vitro analysis of veterinary relevant pharmaceuticals and additives in poultry farming (FKZ: EP130832)

We strictly work GMP compliant and offer a whole series of customized GMP accredited services. We’re looking forward building up the external part of your development department.

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