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Preclinical testing of phamaceutical and medical products

Preclinical development depends on the combination of different techniques, the innovative development of modifications, new findings and safety. MicroMol offers a distinct range of methods and test systems in the context of preclinical development and clinical trials under GMP-conditions.

  • Generation and evaluation of specific antibodies (monoclonal and polyclonal) against novel targets
  • Development and implementation of analyte specific potency and efficacy test systems on the basis specific antibodies (ELISA, Western Blotting)
  • Determination of biological compounds and substances by means of specific antibodies (ELISA, Western Blotting)
  • Determination and quantification of cell surface and intracellular markers (Immunophenotyping, FACS)
  • Performance of Pharmacokinetic studies (PK studies) in preclinical settings
  • Drug absorption in gut models (CaCo-2)
  • Isolation, characterization and preserviation of PBMCs from animal and human blood

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