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MicroMol’s accredited microbiological lab unit is specialized in the implementation of complex microbiological projects with any kind of microorganism in any kind of matrix.

In this context we combine classical microbiology like detection, enrichment, isolation and identification according to official standard methods with the options of a molecular biological and immunological testing laboratory.

MicroMol’s capacity starts with the analyis of raw materials, FOOD, FEED, and environmental samples and ends up by  the investigation of cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, medical devices or patient samples within clinical trials.


  • Microbiological testing of pharmaceuticals according to European Pharmacopoeia or other
  • Microbiological testing of food and feed according to § 64 LFGB or ISO standards
  • Microbiological testing of cosmetics according to CTFA or ISO standards
  • Microbiological cell bank with more than 1.000  species / strains and poprietary isolates
  • Examination of official control samples
  • Analysis of drinking water according to law (TrinkwV)
  • Phage analytics
  • Determination of the virucidal potential according to ISO 14476

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