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Lab Equipment

MicroMol offers a professionally equipped, ISO 17025 / ZLG accredited and GMP certified  biological S2/S3** laboratory composed of a section for Ccell- and immune analytics, a microbiological lab unit, a lab unit for phage analytics as well as a section for molecular analytics. In detail the units are equipped with:

  • Merck Guava Flow Cytometer
  • AID iSpot ELISpot work station
  • Berthold Tristar LB941 FL / ECL ELISA station
  • Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 3 real time PCR
  • Illumina real time PCR
  • Bactron anaerobic environmental chamber
  • Leica and Zeiss Axiovert florescence microscopes
  • Western Blot work station / Geldoc
  • GE healthcare / Pharmacia FPLC system

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