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Cell- and Immune Analytics

Sophisticated cell models consistently gain great importance because of the fact that the identification and safety evaluation of drugs pharmaceuticals and neutraceuticals in animal tests is a complex, long lasting and expensive process . These in vitro systems have the advantage to pre-select drug candidates, minimize ethical issues and to be more cost-effective compared to animal models. Based on a profound experience in complex cell and immune analytics MicroMol has focussed its activity on the implementation and performance of highly sensitive cell based efficacy / potency assays as well as specialized 3D co-culture systems. Our competence center concentrates on the evaluation of processes like drug specific toxicity, induction of drug specific hypersensitivity and the drugs influence in experimental gut systems.

In detail MicroMol offers the following features for functional cell testing especially in the course of preclinical testing:

  • Customized performance and implementation of cell type specific cytotoxicity assays
  • Preparation and analysis of immune cells from human and animal
  • Immunomonitoring of cellular processes (FACS, ELISpot, ELISA, Western Blot)
  • Immunophenotyping of cell markers (FACS, Elispot, ELISA)
  • Determination of hypersensitization in vitro by drug specific induction of inflammatory markers (THP-1 assay)
  • Substance analysis in experimental 3D gut systems in human and animal cell models (TEER-value , drug toxicity, penetration and absorption)
  • Analysis of prebiotics in cellular systems
  • Customized implementaion of efficacy and potency assays
  • Customized generation and analysis of cell lines by transfection
  • Customized generation of continous cell lines derived from primary tissue

For the determination of cellular reaction parameters in dependence of defined stimuli MicroMol offers a professionally tissue culture Lab including a Merck Guava Flow Cytometer (FACS), a professional AID ELISpot work station providing the ability of single cell evaluation. This platform is completed by a sensitive ECL / FL ELISA system, a Western Blot station, TEER-value determination and more.

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