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Free analytical slots available! CRO enlarged services.

The accredited (ISO 17025) and GMP-certified German laboratory MicroMol expanded its department of Preclinical and Clinical Analytics. MicroMol offers advanced bioanalytical services for medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

The core competences of the laboratory are:

  • Performance of PK and ADA studies in preclinical evaluation (MSD Mesoscale)
  • Immunoprofiling: isolation and characterization of PBMCs from animal and human blood (Ficoll density centrifugation, Flow cytometry analysis)
  • Cytokine profiling (Ayoxxa System, Berthold ELISA reader)
  • Expression profiling (Flow cytometry (Millipore Guava), Ayoxxa System, ELISA, RT-PCR)
  • Implementation of drug specific tests / potency assays / customized assays in defined cell systems (complete platform)
  • Quantification of activated immune cells upon stimulation (AID ELISpot System, Flow cytometry)
  • Determination of cytotoxicity, ADCC, CDC and apoptosis (Flow cytometry)
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology (Bioburden, pathogens, bacteriophages, endotoxins)


For project inquiries you might ask Dr. Wolfgang Rudy (CSO)


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