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MicroMol’s services are divided in three main divisions for bioanalytical analytics combining microbiological, molecular biological, biochemical, instrumental analytical, cell-, and immunological techniques and approaches.

Our Bioanalytics division provides a highly sophisticated in-vitro platform combined with immunological, cell biological, instrumental analytics, molecular biological , and biochemical approches for the characterzation and functional analytics of you protein/peptide, Nucleic Acid, or biological active substance.

Our Biocompability / Biological Safety division is specialized in the sector  of biological safety studies and the risk assessment of pharmaceutical, biological active substances, and medical devices represents its core competence

Our Microbiology division offers a specialized platform for bacteriophage detection, bell bank purity testing and handling of live biotherpeutic products and anaerob microorganism besides classical microbiological approaches for testing pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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