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The continuously growing sector of biological safety studies and the risk assessment of biologicals represents the core competence of the MicroMol GmbH. To evaluate the biocompatibility and biological safety the law requires particular tests to manufacturers of medical devices, cosmetics and chemicals depending on the scope of the product according to ISO 10993. MicroMol refers to a wide range of expertise in numerous methods, such as cytotoxicity assay according to ISO 10993-5, skin irritation assay and skin corrosion assay according to ISO 10993-10, REACH and OECD TG 431, genotoxicity assay according to ISO 10993-3.

For microbiological safety assessment of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, feed and other substances and materials MicroMol GmbH offers a wide range of methods. Our services ranges from phage detection and purity testing of cell banks, efficacy of preservation, identification of microorganisms, endotoxin assays, classic food microbiology to risk analysis, environmental monitoring as well as hygiene consulting and trainings on site.

In recent years we extended the pre-clinical and clinical research. As a specialized laboratory MicroMol develops, working in co-operation with the customer, a customized testing process. Furthermore, we develop and validate the necessary tests and assist you with reliable and innovative ideas in all study phases of your therapy procedure or pharmaceuticals to be tested.
Our expertise in our further core business sector is the contract development and research, which covers a broad spectrum of molecular biology techniques, such as cloning and expression of recombinant proteins in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems, protein biochemistry and immunology. Our scientific and practical experience combined with our expertise gives you the possibility to realized your innovative product or test development.

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