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Instrumental Analysis

Microbiological Services

  • Microbiological testing of pharmaceuticals according to European Pharmacopoeia or other regulations
  • Microbiological testing of food and feed according to ยง 64 LFGB or ISO standards
  • Microbiological testing of cosmetics according to CTFA or ISO standards
  • Examination of official control samples
  • Analysis of drinking water according to TrinkwV 2001
  • Phage analytics

Services in Cell Biology

  • Transfection, expression, analysis and purification of recombinant proteins in HEK293T model
  • Transfection, expression, analysis and purification of recombinant proteins in SPF (specific pathogen free) chicken cell lines
  • Expansion of cell lines and transfected cells in bioreactors
  • Isolation of primary cells from the tissue structure
  • Generation of continuously growing cell lines from primary cell material
  • Expansion and cryopreservation of cell lines
  • Mycoplasma analysis (PCR, ELISA, DAPI staining)
  • Customer and project-oriented, cell biological and immunological test developments on demand
  • Biocompatibility testing

Specialized DNA Services

  • Establishment of qPCR systems according to customer’s request
  • Establishment of PCR systems for cloning of defined sequences
  • Isolation and analysis of RNA from different sources
  • Detection of DNA contamination or DNA absence in technical and biologic samples
  • Customer and project-oriented molecular biological analysis on demand

Immunolmonitoring and Protein Analysis

  • Protein Analyis bySDS-PAGE / Western blotting
  • Protein Analysis by ELISA (performance and implementation)
  • Purification of defined proteins by Affinity chromatography
  • Immunophenotyping of primary cells and cell lines (Flow Cytometry, ELISA, Western Blot)
  • Immunomonitoring
  • ELISpot

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