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Immune analytics / drug evaluation

Immunological analytics has emerged to the key technology in the context of drug research and preclinical / clinical development. Immunoassays are used to forecast the compatibility as well as the efficacy of a substance. Furthermore, immune assays detect and quantify antibodies, biosimilars, biomarkers and hormones and help to assess drug efficacy, immunotoxicity and immunogenicity

MicroMol provides a platform of biomarker analysis, PD / PK studies and PBMC / cell analytics combining a variety of immunoassays such as Flow Cytometry (FACS), ELISpot analysis, FL / ECL-ELISA, Western Blot and ligand binding assays.

Our services comprise the identification and characterization of immune cell populations in different species, customized cell-based assays, and isolation, characterisation and cryopreservation of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC).

For discussing your needs please contact Dr. Wolfgang Rudy (CSO)

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