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MicroMol: the fine art of life science


Who says that MicroMol offers high class laboratory analytics, is absolutely right. But that’s not all.
Our employees are here for our customers. Your personal contact person knows exactly your concerns and goals you are looking for. Our customers know that they do not receive off-the-shelf results, nor robotic analysis with big failure rates, but accurate, well thought-out and verified results for security rather than waste. They can build on that.

Expect more than just analytics
We take care of our tasks with great passion. Each head of department is also a scientist on the pulse of the time. We not only know our customers, but also their market. We follow the technical developments and take care to implement them as well as to optimize them. We offer this expertise to our customers in a dialogue about the most meaningful examination procedures. Get to know us and convince yourself: We offer much more than just perfect analytics.


We enjoy going to work every day and for good reason: we can invest our sense of responsibility for the safety of products to satisfy our customers. We can help making the world a little better. It was with this claim that we founded the company in 1996, and it still applies today.

The laboratory was named after “microbiology and molecular biology” and “μMole”. The name summarized the technical basics and the precision in one concept.
In 2007, Wolfgang Rudy, a former fellow student, visited the founders. His cell biological expertise completed the company’s knowledge in an outstanding manner. He joined the company as Chief Scientific Officer (now also Prokurist) and not only expanded the technical capabilities, but catapulted the company from the field of research into the exclusive environment of the GMP examinations.
In its 22nd year, MicroMol took a big step into the future and joined the Tentamus Laboratory-Group to offer its customers an even wider range of services. In addition to the meanwhile extensive range of services in the cell biological and immunological area, the possibilities in clinical trials have now been expanded. After two decades of complex, demanding project work, the research laboratory has become a reliable and experienced “Clinical Research Organization” CRO.
MicroMol has been different from other labs from the beginning – a laboratory that not only performs accurate routine analysis, but also delves deeply into customers concerns, finding innovative solutions, and exploring extraordinary ways to achieve the most effective results for the client and its customers.
We follow a mission statement that gives first priority to the benefits for our customers. And with every job, every project, we strive to extent our knowledge and experience.

Our corporate mission statement

We want to deliver an accurate, excellent and transparent service that our customers can trust in and that fully meets their expectations.

Our principles that we pursue every day:

Our analytics

Reliability is at the heart of MicroMol – it has always been and always will be. We maintain our accreditations and approvals, and participate in numerous ring trials and laboratory comparisons to maintain our accuracy. We work to worldwide standards and with the utmost care and learn from every project

Our team

We are a team and consider our work not just as a job but as a passion. We live diversity, acceptance and mindfulness. We always treat each other and our customers with respect and dignity. We mutually agree to meet this high standard.

Our customers

Even though we have a lot to do, we focus on our customers and try to fulfill their expectations in the best possible way. We are polite and friendly and strive to make our clients’ tasks easier. Of course, it’s all about perfect laboratory results. But our work goes far beyond that. It’s essentially about the perfect service.

Our sister laboratories in the Tentamus Group

The laboratories of the Tentamus Group have committed themselves to the same “Code of Conduct”. We know that when we place complementary services in the hands of a sister laboratory, our promises to our customers are fulfilled by them in every area. We work together in a trusting and direct, short way and rely on each other. So we became a one-stop shop that can offer a highly-performing service portfolio with personal customer service.


1996 foundation of the MicroMol Gesellschaft für mikrobiologische und molekularbiologische Auftragsforschung bmH (limited liability company) by Dr. Andrea Dreusch and Dr. Andreas Dreusch. First location was the Foundingcenter at Seboldstrasse 3 in Karlsruhe-Durlach.

2004 spin-off of the FPQS (Food Production Quality Service) into a self-contained consulting

2004 6 employees

2007 enlargement of the offered services to cell culture techniques and an online shop to sell own products

2007 movement to bigger business premises and enlargement of the lab,
new location: Hedwigstrasse 2-8, Karlsruhe-Rüpurr.

2008 11 employees

2009 1st accreditation according to ISO 17025 by the former DACH

2009 enlargement of the offered services to cytotoxicity and detection of phages

2010 GMP certification by the German Drug Agency  

2010 14 employees

2011 renting more business premises at the same location to enlarge the lab

2011 extension of accreditation: investigation of drinking water

2012 extension of accreditation: investigation of medical devices

2012 1st collaboration in a clinical study

2012 17 employees

2014 permission to work with pathogens security level S3**

2014 25 employees

2015 moving to bigger business premises and enlargement of the lab, new location: Am Hubengut 3, Karlsruhe-Neureut

2015 development and distribution of an own chicken cell line

2016 intensive expansion of the business sectors cell bank testing and phage detection

01.07.2017 sudden death of the Managing Director, CEO and founder Dr. Andreas Dreusch

11/2017 incorporation to the Tentamous Group

Our Team

Dr. Andrea B. Dreusch

Managing Director

Gabriele Lehnert

Business Administration Manager

Rafal Napierala, M.Sc.

Chief Technical Officer

Christine Hünnebeck

Head of Molecular Biology

Larissa Nkenmei-Pietsch, Dipl. Biol.

Head of Immune Analytics

Serena Schmidt, B.Sc.

Senior Account Manager Food

Andreas Hennings


Marion Kiefer

Laboratory Technician

Charlotte Sauerland

Laboratory Technician

Baoling Jin


Kevin Sittner


Dr. Wolfgang Rudy

Chief Scientific Officer, Prokurist

Heike Hennings, Dipl. Biol.

Director Quality Management

Linda Schmitt, M.Sc.

Director Preclinical / Clinical Research

Anja Lamprecht, M.Sc.

Head of Microbiology

Dr. Dagmar Schulte

Director Cell Analytics

Verena Wenzel, Dipl. Biol.

Head of G(x)P-Services

Kati Schöne

Laboratory Technician

Carmen Maier

Laboratory Technician

Netsanet Yohannes

Distribution/Laboratory Assistant

Alena Illenseer


Cristiana Santos

Laboratory Assistant


We are accredited according to ISO 17025 (DAkkS and ZLG for medical devices) and GMP certified. We have permission to work with GMO´s security level I and with pathogens security level 2 and 3**. Furthermore, we are allowed to work with animal pathogens and we are authorized to examine official control tests in the food sector. Please ask our Quality Management for certificates, if needed []

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